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We're Fiction


It's great to meet you!

Our story

Founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas, Fiction was incepted by coworking brand Common Desk to take the hospitality behind coffee to a new, intentional level in hopes to make days better for anyone looking for a quality drink and a friendly face. Fiction Coffee exists to strip down the pretentiousness of coffee and give everyone, no matter their level of coffee understanding or experience, the best quality of product possible. From day one, we've partnered with Counter Culture to focus on what's in the cup while we focus on the hospitality and creativity around it. Our biggest passion at Fiction is using coffee as a vessel to make days better for our customers, creating spaces where anyone can belong.


We're a *little* biased, but we believe our people are best in class, and we pride ourselves on the Southern hospitality we exude. On a daily basis, this looks like never charging for a remake if someone doesn't like their drink, offering refills of water and light table service when most shops don't, knowing regulars (or "escape artists," as we like to call them) by name, and creating an approachable Fictional menu of craft coffee concoctions that surprise and delight.


There are countless coffee shops in the nation, but we wholeheartedly believe that there's no place like Fiction.


Fiction Coffee shop is a place that beckons people to come in, find a seat, and write their own story. We put hospitality first, we serve our customers with all that we have, and we guarantee an experience that’s enjoyable enough to make you feel like you escaped reality for a little while.

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Our mission + values

To make days better by creating thoughtful moments, human connection, and a sense of belonging for all.

Value everyone

Serve first

Keep it real

Develop others

Challenge norms

Have a blast

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