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Meet the Fiction magic

We spend every day striving to be the most welcoming coffee shop in our neighborhoods. We live for inspiring and educating those who want to learn more about coffee, and we create unique experiences to help them do just that. Our baristas beckon people to come in, find a seat, and write their own story. Fiction's people are people-first, servant-hearted, quirky, thoughtful, fun, friendly, and welcoming. We put hospitality first, we serve our customers with all that we have, and we guarantee an experience that’s enjoyable enough to make you feel like you've escaped reality for a little while. We exist to make our customers' days better, and we do that through thoughtful touches, like notes of encouragement left on coffee sleeves, and exceptional hospitality.

Meet the crew

Ross & Hall

Continental Gin

One Victory


Four Oaks

Geri Metz

Noah Nighswonger

Lauren Daily

Kel Taylor

Nicholai Elkins

Jeremiah Jenson

Spencer Fox

Ian McGee

Tommy Teschner

Alissa Fenster

Efrain Quinonez

Jeremiah Jenson

Spencer Fox

Briscoe Burnett

Jeremiah Jenson

Spencer Fox

Bretina White

Madeline Rosenberg

Brianna Stacy

Ebony Foster

Spencer Fox

Alex Lamb

Orion Van Wagner

Spencer Fox

The baristas are dope. They strongly encourage “bar culture,” hanging out and having a chat. They always offer a warm welcome and are able to answer any questions. Specialty drinks are seasonal and they’re always fun and creative. Great blend of specialty 3rd wave coffee and then still offering 2nd wave options.

Joseph F.